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Lana for April’s issue of the Regard Magazine

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Emma going through the three stages of evil cleavage …

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Rizzles banner for facebook group needed!

Hi followers! I know some of you are super talented graphic artists and I am in desperate need of a new Rizzles banner for my group on facebook. I have been getting some new members who are obviously not reading the group description and are homophobic assholes. So I want a banner that makes the lesbian aspect of Rizzles VERY obvious. Photos of them kissing in it would be great! If anyone could make one I’d be much appreciative and of course give you full credit! Thanks! 

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Reblog this if your blog is an OQ-free space


Meaning you will not post gifs/pictures of Outlaw Queen scenes and will not discuss the pairing in a positive light.

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This is where I start to go a little nuts, though


Neal falls through the portal so Henry still has one parent

  • Fandom: it’s so selfless and romantic. They do share a child, you guys. They’re a family.
  • SWEN: Family sacrificing for each other is a really great story. Regina’s done this, since she and Emma actually share…
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Dr. Queen

Wonder Queen

Queen of the Isles


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Because these two cute fools…

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